Leaked Best Buy Advertisement Promises Free iPhone 3GS

A leaked Best Buy advertisement promises customers a free iPhone with the purchase of a two year activation. Presumably this means the mega electronics store is clearing space for the next generation of iPhone by giving away the iPhone 3GS for free, but what about the rumored affordable phone Apple is supposed to introduce this fall?

Rumors of decreased iPhone 3GS shipments have been prevalent since June, with some suggesting that Apple will announce a cheaper iPhone 3GS with a new look along with the iPhone 5 this fall. While there has been no concrete evidence that Apple will actually release two new devices, you may be taking a risk signing your life away for a soon to be obsolete device. Even if the iPhone 3GS is the first Apple phone to gain a second life, it’s safe to assume it will be receiving a makeover. I just can’t envision Steve Jobs re-announcing the original iPhone 3GS the same day he unveils the iPhone 5.

Even if the iPhone Lite turns out to be the iPhone 4S, or some other name we haven’t already guessed, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to be stuck with an old “affordable” device when a newer “affordable” device may be right around the corner. Free is tempting, but I would hold out to see what happens in the upcoming months.

The Best Buy one day only sale starts and ends on Monday, August 22.