Leaked Apple Memo Provides Employees with Answers to iPhone 3G Launch Questions

A leaked internal memo to Apple retail and sales personnel outlining the company’s iPhone 3G Frequently Asked Questions has provides some tidbits on what to expect come July 11th as well as information for bulk iPhone 3G sales:

-Employees have been urged not to “speculate beyond the information that is public today.”

-”You may not place iPhone 3G on hold for anyone. No exceptions. Do not create a waitlist. It is critical that all stores follow the same process to ensure every customer has an equal and fair opportunity to purchase a phone.”

Given that the iPhone 3G will be sold on a first come, first serve basis, employees are also being told to call any customer who has reserved an iPhone Personal Shopping session on or after July 11th and inform them that Personal Shopping sessions won’t apply to the iPhone 3G.

“We hope to offer Personal Shopping for iPhone 3G shortly,” Apple said.

Other frequently asked question replies are as follows:

If a customer says, “I just bought a first generation iPhone. Will I be able to upgrade to an iPhone 3G at a discounted price or exchange it for an iPhone 3G?,” Apple store reps are being told to say that they “don’t have any information regarding upgrades.”

If a customer asks why they should buy an iPod touch if they can get more bang for their buck by buying an iPhone 3G (which includes all the functionality of an iPod touch), employees are instructed to respond by saying the “iPhone 3G is offered at such a terrific price because, like most cell phones, it requires a 2-year carrier contract.”

Customers may then ask, “Are you going to change the iPod touch pricing now that you lowered the cost of iPhone?” To this, employees should respond by saying, “Not that I am aware of.”

True to form, Apple is keeping mum about first-day activation procedures. Should a customer inquire as to whether iPhone 3G activation will have to take place in the store, then inquire about buying one without in-store activation, retail staffers should say: “I don’t have any details at this time about activation.”

The memo provides hints as to useful information regarding bulk iPhone 3G purchases. For instance, an individual can buy several iPhone 3G units for their business and have them set up in an Apple retail store if their business uses a consumer rate plan.

“If your business uses a corporate plan, sometimes called a CRU or IRU plan, you will need to go to an AT&T store to purchase the iPhone 3G for your employees,” Apple says. Similarly, small business owners looking to purchases the new phone at volume discounts should “contact an AT&T representative,” as the wireless carrier “offers corporate billing and data plans.”

The internal FAQ document also refers several other questions to AT&T, such as those related to using iPhone 3G in Canada and other countries. “iPhone 3G is a world phone,” the document states. “Check with AT&T about international roaming fees and data plans.”

Customers asking about one-time fees associated with moving from a first-generation iPhone to an iPhone 3G should be told that they “will need to sign a new two-year contract at the point of purchase, but “may want to check with AT&T regarding any fees.”

Finally, Apple informs staffers that “Detailed rate plans have not yet been announced. When they are announced, Apple Store Specialists will be ready to review and help [customers] pick out the best plan for [their] needs.”

Sources close to the story say that Apple is planning to hold worldwide retail meetings on July 6th to begin conveying official launch procedures to its staff.

[Via AppleInsider]

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