League of Evil Updated with 45 New Levels – Let’s Play Halfbot Style!

League of Evil ($0.99) is a pixel platformer that recently arrived on the app store. We reviewed the game and I had a brilliant time with its frustrating yet hooking levels. It received its first update late last night, and to tell you the truth, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is going to be its largest over. It’s suddenly doubled in content!

We also reviewed ‘The Blocks Cometh by Halfbot’ ($0.99) which was recently the subject of theft from an unknown developer who stole developer, Halfbot’s original idea. You say what’s the connection between League of Evil’s update and The Blocks Cometh? Well, these two developers teamed up to bring you content from both of their games in each other’s games.

If you read my review of tBC last night, you would’ve seen me mention that the game featured two characters from LoE: the main agent and the laser leapers. That’s LoE in The Blocks Cometh. With LoE’s new update you now have The Blocks Cometh in it. With the update, 30 new levels were included themed using The Blocks Cometh’s graphical sprites; it features new enemies/hazards, new level foundation and of course tBC-themed backgrounds.

Along with those 30 new levels, another 15 were added which make their way into a new category included in the game, “The Impossible Missions”. These missions are extremely difficult with the onslaught of possible ways to die never ending. They’re mainly for hardcore gamers – really hardcore because even I have trouble beating them.

I’m thinking that this may the first of many content updates to the already loved, League of Evil but wouldn’t be surprised if it’s both the first and last. The game has literally doubled in content with the overall number of levels a now whopping 99 levels! If you’ve finished the initial 54, check out the update ASAP for more awesome gaming!