League of Evil, Pixel-Platformer, Revealed

Though I haven’t posted anything on it yet, I’ve been following the development of Ravenous Games’ (previously Cave Run, Ravenous Trivia/HD) newest work, League of Evil. I couldn’t get much off of their occasional tweets about new additions to the game, but with their steady release of screenshots every Saturday, I saw how good the game was. Now, my liking of the game is backed by a trailer released today on the game.

Seeing all of the tweets, screenshots, and the trailer below, I have come to the conclusion that League of Evil is going to be epic. It seem pretty deep with decapitations and all that other good stuff along with multiple hazards such as hammers, lasers, guys with guns, and such. Plus the slick, pixel artwork style just tops it off. The game should be coming out on February 3rd, 2011 if all goes well, so if you’re hyped, check out the trailer and the online version.

Not excited yet? Check out this trailer.

Still not excited?

This game is being ported from the online, flash version by Woblyware which can be found here. Based on the trailer, the gameplay will be almost exactly like this!

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