League of Evil 2 Trailer Dashes Onto the Web

Our 2011 Game of the Year, League of Evil, was released at the beginning of last year. Said company, Ravenous Games, is set to debut the sequel to their acclaimed pixel platformer after teaming up with Bulletproof Outlaws to produce a new graphical style, later this month, and they’ve posted the official trailer on You Tube to show off the game’s numerous, alluring aspects.

The sequel will continue the story from the predecessor. You play as a special agent posed with killing the scientists teasingly placed at the end of each of the numerous included level. Players will control their player with the same control scheme as before, which was raved about by most review websites including ourselves, and will also feature the same fast-paced, short gameplay. The only considerably difference are the newly designed levels as well as the new graphical theme used in the game which this time around isn’t made pixel by pixel, but instead is crisp and more realistic.

Check out the trailer, which was posted only earlier today:

I was lucky enough to be a part of the official closed beta for the title a few weeks back, and I know firsthand that the game is [still] absolutely amazing. It will launch later this month with over 100 levels spanning across multiple worlds, two difficulty settings, a few costumes for the main character, new obstacles and a lot, lot more. We’ll be sure to have a full review when the time comes along.

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