Lawsuit Accuses Apple, AT&T Of Over-Advertising 3G Speeds, Ignoring Hairline Crack Defect

Apple and AT&T are facing yet another lawsuit against them for the performance of the iPhone 3G on AT&T’s network. This one says their data speeds are much lower than advertised, much like a previous lawsuit claimed as well. This one also accuses them of ignoring the hairline cracks developing in the plastic back plate of iPhone 3Gs.

The 23-page suit was filed in a New York district court by Avi Koschitzki. The suit is one of many accusing them of misrepresenting the iPhone 3G’s data performance in their advertising by claiming that it was “twice as fast” as the one before it.

“Based upon information and belief the 3G iPhones demand too much power from the 3G bandwidths and the AT&T infrastructure is insufficient to handle this overwhelming 3G signal based on the high volume of 3G iPhones it and Apple have sold,” Koschitzki’s attorneys wrote.

“Although Apple was and is aware that the iPhones were and are defective, and that consumers have experienced repeated instances of cracked housing, Apple has nevertheless allowed the defectively designed iPhones to be sold to the public,” the complaint says.

Koschitzki is seeking class-action lawsuit status.

[via Apple Insider]

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