Latest iPhone Beta Leaked

Earlier today, the latest version of the iPhone beta software was leaked onto a popular BitTorrent site (arg!). iPhone software version 2.0 (5a225c) was seeded to developers within the last couple of days and has reportedly already been hacked. We have reason to believe that the files are indeed legitimate although you must have an Apple approved iPhone in order to activate. When installed, the update upgrades the iPhones baseband with no way to downgrade (as you might expect). With no way to activate unauthorized iPhones and no simple way to downgrade, we highly recommend not installing the leaked update.

According to the torrent’s description, “You’re on your own as for activation, unlocks, etc, but software to assist in this should be popping up soon. You probably WON’T be able to activate this using iTunes, even if you have AT&T, but grab it while you can.”

The description leads us to believe that the torrent’s poster knows of software to assist users in activating the beta, although it has not yet been released.


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