LateNiteSoft Releases Sketches 2

Our friends at LateNiteSoft today announced the release of Sketches 2 [App Store, $1.99], a major overhaul of the original Sketches app. Sketches 2 features numerous improvements, including a brand new UI designed to make the process of sketching easier and more enjoyable. The basic tools are situated at the bottom of the app, and more advanced tools can be pulled up when needed. And for all the artists out there, Sketches 2 also includes a brand new set of natural-looking brushes.

Of course the new version has many of the features that the original had, including shape drawing, clipart, custom backgrounds, and more.

Sketches 2 is currently $1.99 as a special launch promotion, although LateNiteSoft will be raising the price soon. If you own the original, you’ll still have to shell out the $2 to get Sketches 2.

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