Kevin Rose Rumor: New iPhones Launch Next Week, New $200 iPhone

As some of you may know, Digg founder Kevin Rose has a history of spreading iPhone rumors, like when he said a couple of months ago that the next iPhone would have a front camera for video chatting, or when he “confirmed” back in March that Apple would release a 3G iPhone some time in June. Now he’s back with more rumors, this time dealing with a slightly more specific launch time and a possible price variation.

Kevin posted this video on Seesmic, where he says that he has heard word that the new iPhones will be launching some time next week. He also claims to have information that a low-end iPhone will be added to the lineup that sells for US$200.

Keep in mind, we have no idea how accurate any of this might be. His claims that the next iPhone would have 3G and would launch in June are probably not far off, but the video chat camera he spoke of remains to be proven (although the rumor hasn’t been dispelled, either). We have no clue where he’s getting this information from, so it could all just be a rumor, not to mention he warns that he does hold shares of AAPL stock, so he’s not completely unbiased.

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