Kevin Rose: iPhone OS 3.0 To Bring Copy & Paste (And Background Processes?)

World of Apple reports that Kevin Rose leaked details about how copy and paste is to eventually be implemented during a live taping of the popular internet show Diggnation. According to Kevin, selecting text is done by double-tapping on a word, which brings up two quotation marks that can be adjusted to select the text you want. Once the text is selected, you can chose between copying, cutting, or pasting. (Video after the break.)

WARNING: strong language

Kevin also says in the video clip that he heard from a separate source that the update will bring the iPhone up to speed with the Palm Pre. We know the Pre will be able to run multiple apps at the same, so this may be what Kevin’s source was referring to.

Kevin Rose has been right about rumors like this in the past, so he could be right about this one.

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