Kensington’s New iPhone, iPod Charger Works In 150 Countries

If you often travel abroad, then you might appreciate this little gadget that Kensington just announced. It’s a replacement for that little wall charger unit that Apple includes with every iPhone, but if you travel to another country with different power outlets then it can be a hassle. That’s where their International Travel Charger for iPod and iPhone comes in.

The charger will fit wall plugs in the US, UK, EU and Australia, making it usable in over 150 countries, whereas Apple’s will only fit the plugs in the country you bought your iPhone in. The cable is also detachable so you can use it to sync your iPhone up to your laptop.

Said George Foot, director at Kensington Europe:

“Now that people are becoming as dependent on their iPhone as on their laptop, it’s vital that the device is fully charged and available for use, wherever you are. The International Travel Charger is a useful device to keep today’s travellers up-and-running.”

The Kensington International Travel Charger goes for $39.99 (USD). You can check it out at

[via Macworld]

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