JuiceDrop From Ripdev Lets You Drag And Drop Files Onto Your iPhone

The guys at RiP Dev have announced a new utility for getting files onto the iPhone from a computer. It’s called JuiceDrop, and it lets you move files onto a connected iPhone or iPod Touch by just dragging and dropping them where they need to go.

JuiceDrop is a completely free utility for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows allowing you to painlessly upload any files to your iPhone by just dragging them over the JuiceDrop window. No Wi-Fi required! You can configure the mapping for file types you drag on and appropriate folders on the device — we like to use it to upload FB2 books for our own i2Reader, for instance! Download for Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows. No jailbreak on the phone is required.

It’s as simple as connecting the device via USB and dragging the file onto the window. The app can be set to put files of certain kinds in specific places, and starts off with a few useful presets like putting pictures into the Wallpapers folder, putting dictionaries in Dictionaries and books in BookLibraries. Best of all, there’s no jailbreak required. It uses the same kinds of protocols as iTunes.

You can get JuiceDrop from the Ripdev site here.

[via iClarified]

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