Jonathan Ive wins the National Design Award for Product Design

The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Awards for 2007 are in, and among the winners is our very own Jonathan Ive, Senior Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple Inc, who, among other things, leads the team responsible for the exceptionally innovative and beautiful iPhone, iPod, and Mac family of products. The description for the award by Cooper-Hewitt reads:

“The Product Design Award is given to an given to an individual or firm for exceptional and exemplary work in the design of consumer goods, technology, or home and office furnishings.”[sic]

Jonathan Ive joined the Apple Inc. (then Apple Computer Inc.) design team in 1996, a team regarded by many to be of the best in the industry, where his first accomplishments with Apple were the candy colored iMacs, who’s unusually whimsical approach added a splash of color to the computer industry, breaking away from the tan, black, and grey of old. His aesthetic has been described as streamlined, and he possesses a strong knowledge of the engineering processes involved, giving his products the added benefit of precisely calculated functionality in beautiful harmony with design:

“Creating some of the most innovative products of the past decade, ranging from the whimsical, candy-colored iMac to the spare iBook to the now iconic iPod, Ive has not only made complex technological devices user-friendly, he has designed sculptural, desirable objects.”

Other awards credited to Jonathan Ive are Designer of the Year (2003) by the Design Museum of London, the title of Royal Designer for Industry by the Royal Society of Arts, and the inclusion as finalist in this very category in 2006. Do you remember who won the 06 title? I don’t seem to recall…

Frankly, I think that Ive’s award is long overdue. Having a basic knowledge of the arts and a general sense of aesthetic myself, I consider Jonathan Ive’s work and the work of his team at Apple to be some of the most artistic and well-made in history.

Photo of Jonathan Ive Courtesy of Apple

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