Join The iPhone Alley BurnBall Tribe! [Updated]

Attention all iPhone gamers, we have a mission for you! iPhone Alley has partnered with Tim Haines, developer of BurnBall, to participate in BurnBall Tribes! Along with four other iPhone sites (listed below), iPhone Alley will have its own BurnBall team which will be competing against the others.

If you don’t have BurnBall already, we’ve got two promo codes to give away to get you started. At the end of each day, the tribe which has a team member with the highest score will receive another promo code to give away. More details below.

Sites Involved:

How to join:

  1. Get BurnBall [App Store]! If you already have it, update and head to step two!
    We will be giving away BurnBall promo codes to those who need them. Send an @ reply to MichaelJohnston on twitter and I’ll hook you up.

  2. Set up your screen name. In BurnBall, go to Options and change your Screen Name to your desired name, a space, then iPA. (Example: Michael iPA)
  3. Let us know you’re on our team! Do this by leaving a comment on this post with your username. Additionally, join the 30 days of BurnBall Facebook Event and post your name there as well.

How to win:
The competition will run for 30 days from this post. If at 8PM PST someone from the iPA tribe has the highest score of all the tribes, we’ll win another copy of BurnBall to give away. This will grow our tribe even larger, increasing the effectiveness of our group.

You must play at a certain level in order to win –

The first 10 days the promo code will go to the highest on easy level, the highest on Hard level for the next 10, and the highest score on OMG for the final 10 days.

An individual who wins with the highest score on an easy game, can’t compete again till hard. Someone who wins in Hard can’t compete again till OMG. Someone who wins in OMG, can’t compete again for the rest of the competition. It’s all about spreading the love and goodness.

Rules Update:
1) The winning tribe for a day is the tribe with the highest combined score of their top 3 players for the day. The tribe’s combined score is now shown on the high score leaderboard.

2) The person with the highest score from the winning tribe now takes a vacation instead of the highest individual scorer.

If we win a promo code, I’ll announce it on twitter and give it away randomly to someone who replies.

We’ll keep up a list of our tribe members on this post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below. Good luck!

Members (that we know of):
Superman Ipa (Won a round on easy)
Omar iPA
fractured iPA
MacDan iPA
Thirddesign IPA
Michael iPA
Jonah Gran Ipa
Spenser iPA
thirdDesign IPA
MacDan iPA
NukeFrenzy iPA (Won a round on hard)
Galacto Man Ipa
longshot iPA

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