Job Listings Hint At More Powerful ARM Processors

A recent job listing appeared on that may hint at more powerful ARM processors for the iPhone and iPod touch down the road. The position, titled High Perform/Low Level Programmer, asks for someone with detailed knowledge of the ARM processor and the vector unit NEON (wiki), an extended instruction set used for accelerating multimedia applications.

The successful candidate will have excellent understanding and knowledge of processor architecture, specifically ARM and its vector unit NEON. Additional Intel SSE or PowerPC AltiVec is also very helpful. Being able to use processor micro-architecture to write and deliver fast routines is an essential attribute.

MacRumors points out that NEON is a marketing term for the more recent version of extensions that specifically pertain to the ARMv7, while Apple currently only uses the ARMv6 in their devices. MacRumors concludes that Apple plans on optomizing the iPhone OS for the new Cortex processors.

Another listing is for someone to deliver “cutting edge embedded video processing”, specifically for real-time networking applications over Wi-Fi and cellular networks, suggesting it is related to the iPhone.

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