Job Compass

Job Compass is a visceral and highly useful job finder website-turned-application. When you open the program, it asks your permission to use your location and then utilizes it to pull up all surrounding jobs within a 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 mile radius. If you have a specific job in mind then simply type a key word into the search bar and let the app do the rest. This well-designed program will quickly help you through some of the more drab aspects of searching for employment!

Once you allow Job Compass to use your location, it will pinpoint your location on a Google map. Then just type in whatever you’d like. Why not try entering your dream job? Once you enter what career you’re interested in, the app will pull up all the jobs that are listed in whatever radius you chose.

For example, a trial search for waitress positions within 25 miles of my location resulted in 5 jobs. I then had a choice to call the employer or read up on the details, either in complete or summary form. If you’re not sure about the job or don’t want to talk to the employer on the phone, the app also gives you the option to email the link to yourself so you can finish checking up on the job later. However, if you’re hardcore job searching and the only option is to fill out an application online, you can then open the link through Safari and fill it out right on your iPhone!

As far as the layout goes, the developers kept it very streamline and similar to the website. The look is professional, yet maintains the classic browsing feel of the iPhone. All in all it’s a very attractive portal to the JobCompass website, but it won’t be free for much longer, folks. As soon as the new version comes out it will probably resume its $3.99 listing. In my opinion, that’s a bit too high for the single added bonus of portability.

The Good: Simple to use. Very helpful to any hardcore job searcher.
The Bad: Filling out apps can feel clumsy with limited room on screen. Eventual price raise.
If you’re the kind of person who has to be out and about when they’re trying to find employment then Job Compass is definitely the app for you. However, if you’re more comfortable with searching online, you might want to try the website instead. A bigger screen does make a huge difference when filling out online applications.

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