Jailbreakers: Should You Update to iOS 5.1?

Dependent on which device you own, you may or may not want to update to Apple’s newly released iOS 5.1 if you want to keep your device in the state that’s it’s currently in. Read down below for information about your device and whether or not it’s safe to update.

While some of the features included in iOS 5.1 may be enticing for few, you can’t always have the cake and eat it as they say. Depending on the device that you own, you may or not be able to keep your jailbreak and update your device to have Siri speak in Japanese, see the new lockscreen, or whatever it may be.

If you own an A5 device, which includes the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S, and you’re jailbroken do not update unless you don’t mind losing the perks that come with jailbreaking. A jailbreak for those users has yet to be released by the Dev Team. However, if you have any other device, you can update but you’ll be giving up your untethered jailbreak and will have to settle for a tethered jailbreak for the time being.

If you’re not familiar with the terms used above, tethered means that you must have your device connected to a computer every time that your device reboots, or you’ll lose your jailbreak. Essentially: you can’t let your device die without connecting it to the computer first. Untethered is quite the opposite, and you have the freedom of using your device at will.

So we recommend that you wait for an untethered jailbreak that should hopefully be introduced in the coming weeks. iOS 5.1 doesn’t have anything to lose sleep over, but if you’re aching for the small improvements you’ll have to make a sacrifice – especially if you’ve got an iPhone 4S or iPad 2.