Jailbreak Users Can Trace-to-Type with Swype

Swype has been a trusty alternative to the typical touch keyboard on other mobile platforms. Simply quickly swipe your way from key-to-key and Swype can predict each and every word with an impressive accuracy. Anybody with a jailbroken iPhone can get in on the tracing action, albeit unofficially through developer Andrew Liu’s port.

(The featured image is of the official Swype. iPhone users can download a port in beta form that may reach the pictured state eventually through the developer’s work.)

It has to be noted how this is not a full implementation of Swype. Crucial features such as a line informing you which keys your finger has travelled over are missing. In Engadget‘s test, they found that the iOS port was not as accurate as the more authentic Swype. They had also found that though Messaging, Mail, and Search allow for Swypy Swyping, most other apps including Safari follow the “Swiper, no swiping” policy.

Hopefully the beta certification of this release means that an update adding more functionality and better-mirroring the official Swype implementations is in order. The 0.1.0 version number should be a good indication that this is indeed the case.

Swype has shown interest in bringing an app to the iPhone since last year, but that has yet to be released. Of course, an app is as far as the company behind Swype could go without Apple choosing to add the typing tech as an option.

If your iPhone is open and ready for customization, then why not give this typing alternative a try? Find a repo in the jailbreak hub Cydia hosting Swype, and trace your way towards messages. Who knows, you may find it an improvement as some have on their Swype-supported Android phones.