Jailbreak Tweak: Get More Out of Notifications

Now available on Cydia for $1.99, Reveal is a new jailbreak tweak that further enhances the functionality of Apple’s new notification system. While Notification Center is a certain improvement over the obtrusive blue boxes that previously plagued iOS, some may argue that the current is a bit limited.

The new banner notification system is quite clever in truth. Subtle notifications will appear from time to time at the top of your screen, without interrupting what you’re doing. There is one small caveat, though, with the system that flaws it a bit: notifications aren’t completely displayed to be read.

Reveal is a clever way to augment your notifications. It allows you to read your full, unhindered notifications without having to first navigate to Notification Center – it’s undoubtedly more efficient for checking urgent messages, reminders and such.

While it allows you to read the whole notification, the size of the the notification banners aren’t increased by the slightest amount. Reveal allows you to scroll through text.

Check out iDownloadBlog’s hands-on demo of Reveal: