Jailbreak Tweak Displays Wallpaper While Charging iOS Device

For some odd reason, Apple displays a plain, black background while iOS devices are plugged into some sort of power source. Of course, the jailbreak community has decided to come to the rescue with ChargingBackground, a tweak that retains a user’s background image even while the battery indicator is present.

Without a doubt, this isn’t the first tweak to do such a thing: it’s a simple task which ChargingBackground takes care of absolutely free. Without any configuration needed, the tweak will immediately work allowing you to retain your iPhone’s lockscreen background while charging.

You can check our ChargingBackground for free via the BigBoss Cydia repo. Although it’s nothing advanced, the tweak certainly adds another layer of customability which is strangely omitted from iOS by Apple. You can never have too many tweaks, unless they seriously bog down your device’s processing speed, so let us know how you like Charging Background in the comments section below.