Jailbreak: SwipeSelection – Intuitive Text Editing

Just yesterday, a concept was posted on YouTube showcasing an intuitive text editing method that many people hoped Apple would eventually implement into iOS. Although Apple’s view on the concept won’t be evident until future iterations of iOS, a jailbreak developer has turned the concept into real life in the form of SwipeSelection.

If you have SwipeSelection for either your iPhone or your iPad, text editing becomes a whole lot of an easier affair. Currently, it’s time-consuming when you make a typo or want to select a certain group of words to edit; tapping isn’t the most reliable and certainly not the most efficient.

What SwipeSelection does is allow you to swipe along the keyboard to move the cursor. Swiping from the shift key will highlight a string of words while swiping with two fingers will move the cursor at a faster rate. Though it may sound a bit confusing, these simple functions improve text editing significantly. SwipeSelection, based off of Daniel Hooper’s concept video posted yesterday, has the potential to make just about anybody a fast typer on both the iPhone and iPad.

Like always, iDownloadBlog has a video walkthrough of the feature in action. Check it out embedded below:

SwipeSelection should be available on Cydia absolutely free. Check it out and let us know how your first impressions were: good or bad? Just seeing the tweak makes me desperately want an untethered jailbreak to be released for my new iPad.