Jailbreak: Siri Can Be Given a New Vibrant Personality

One advantage to jailbreaking for iOS users in the past, anyways, has been due to the additional functionality that Cydia offers in terms of customability, and that has been taken even further today with the introduction of 1) an untethered jailbreak for A5 devices and 2) a way to change Siri’s color.

iDownloadBlog reports that a new Cydia tweak allows users to change the appearance of Siri. Rather than the purple microphone icon that shows up upon holding your handset to your ears or holding down the home button for two seconds, the icon will change vibrantly as you speak.

If you’re bored of Siri’s normal look, you can spice up Siri’s interface with this package. Unfortunately, you need to add a new repository/source to Cydia. By clicking on the Manage tab that layers the bottom of Cydia, you can add the repository. Add the following:


The new source will hold the key to a more elaborate companion. Of course, this is only available for the iPhone 4S (and maybe iPhone 4 devices with Siri, confirm if so in the comments). An untethered jailbreak for Apple’s A5 launched today after much anticipation, so adding the repo and in turn receiving a more aesthetically-pleasing Siri shouldn’t be too difficult of a task to accomplish.