Jailbreak App To Bring Turn-By-Turn Voice Directions To iPhone On The 20th

The folks of the xGPS project have announced that version 1.2 of their jailbreak-only xGPS Navigation Software for the iPhone will bring voice navigation functionality to the iPhone for the first time. The app, which is still currently in beta testing stages, will be able to “receive verbal commands on your next turn as you approach it.”

Apple’s iPhone SDK all turn-by-turn directions on the iPhone for what they have called “liability reasons”, in that they don’t want someone’s well-being to rely on their hardware’s accuracy.

The update will also add several other features, including wireless transferring of map files to the iPhone, support for Google Terrain Maps, email updates of the device’s GPS Lat/Long, altitude, and speed specs. It will also include a ‘Night Mode’ with a darker interface for easier viewing at night, as well as the ability to access GPX traces from your home computer using a web-browser with the Wireless Transfer feature.

The app will be available in Cydia on February 20th of this year, although it does require an external GPS module on both the iPhone and iPod touch.

[via ZiPhone.org]

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