Jabeh is an incredibly gorgeous puzzle game where the object is to find 12 hidden stones on a board. Column and row numbers indicate how many stones are in each row and column. Arrows placed on the board point toward stones. By determining where stones are and are not, the remaining stones’ positions become clear.

The game itself is incredibly beautiful. The icon, the board, menus, even the instructions are gorgeous. The music which accompanies the game is inoffensive and fits in well with the oriental theme. Likewise, included sound effects seem to add to the overall experience. If either of these don’t fit your tastes, they can easily be disabled.

Instructions are included with the game and are a pleasure to peruse. Gameplay is simple. Tap once to block off a square and twice to place a stone. You can block off an entire row by dragging. Occasionally I found it difficult to tap a specific square because they’re so small.

Once all stones have been discovered in their correct places, the game is won. It sounds simple, but trust me, it’s incredibly addicting. I had a tough time getting to this review because I was so busy playing Jabeh.

When the game is won, you’re essentially done. If you want to play another round, you need to start a new game. This lack of progressive play was confusing to me at first, although I didn’t mind it as much after a while. Statistics on puzzles solved, average time, and best time are saved, but there’s no “score board.”

There are three levels of play; easy, medium, and hard. If you can’t find a move, the hint button can be used to uncover a stone’s location. “Arrow paths” can be enabled to show a particular arrow’s path on the board. There is also a free “lite” version [App Store].

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