‘iVideoRecorder’ Records Video On iPhone 2G/3G

In another surprising move, Apple has approved iVideoCamera [App Store, $0.99], an iPhone application that can record video on an iPhone 3G or 2G. Previously, the iPhone 3GS was the only device that could record video, and it was added as a native feature in the camera app. This app means it is now possible for the 3G and 2G to record video without being jailbroken.

As great as this news is (it shows Apple is being more open about what kinds of apps they approve), it has some drawbacks, as you can imagine. The biggest one is picture quality. The iPhone 3G and 2G have less computing power, so the image quality suffers on that front. Their camera is also less impressive, being a mere 2 megapixels and not focusable. The result is that video resolution is only 160×213 compared to the iPhone 3GS’s 640×480, video is only 3-frames-per-second compared to the 3GS’s 30, and it can only shoot video in clips up to a minute in length.

That aside, 2G and 3G users can now take video and either save it to the camera roll or upload it to places like YouTube easily, just like 3GS users. And unlike 3GS users, this app can upload to Facebook and Vimeo.

The developer says future updates will include Twitter integration and general frame rate and quality improvements.

It is worthy to note that unofficial video recording apps were one of the biggest reasons to jailbreak an iPhone 3G back in the day. Could this be the beginning of a change in policy where Apple fights jailbreaking by allowing the kinds of apps you once had to jailbreak to enjoy? Probably not completely, as there are just some apps (like SSH) that give you more control over the device than Apple is willing to allow their customers, but they do seem to be loosening their ninja-like grip ever so slightly.

[via The Apple Blog]

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