‘iTunes Rewind’ List Highlights Apple’s Bests of 2011

It’s nearing the end of the year, and while all of the general public is out bustling through stores eagerly finding gifts to present to their loved ones, Apple’s employees have compiled their annual iTunes Rewind list that has highlighted their picks for the best in iTunes’ various media categories.

The six categories covered by the Cupertino-based company, include Music, Movies, TV Shows, Books and Podcasts. Since we are an iPhone-centric website, we’ll cover the applications listed under the App Store section, obviously.

The 2011 iteration of this list has noted an overall of six applications for both iPhone and iPad (making a total of twelve) with only four being the best of the year. See these four, and an additional overview, below:

Game of the Year


Tiny Tower FREE
Many freemium applications on the App Store require you to purchase additional currency or some other form of something, which is what really just pushes me off the edge when it comes to the freemium-based applications that there are. On the contrary, Tiny Tower is one of the few that doesn’t. We covered this little gem briefly back in Summer, and it involves managing a tower, essentially, filled with different kinds of stores on each floor which range from apartments to gyms to arcades. Time management comes perfectly here with pixel-perfect artwork, and Apple evidently also thought so. You may want to go pick up this free applications if you have not already.


Dead Space for iPad $4.99
Even though we reviews the iPhone counterpart of this console-to-iPhone port from EA, we were thrilled by the awing graphical and gameplay experience that the game provided. On the iPad, it’s sure to be a brilliant thriller/horror, and even though I, personally, haven’t yet played it on the aforementioned device, I’d still recommend the application and not only because Apple does as well.

App of the Year


Instagram FREE
Quickly growing on iPhone users and desktop users alike, this application provides a social way to take, edit and upload pictures fast to share with family and friends. It’s functionality is great, UI intuitive and is obviously liked by tons of people, including myself.


Snapseed $4.99
This is yet another photo/video application, and because I don’t own an iPad, I haven’t yet tried it out. Personally, I wouldn’t immediately think that taking photos from your iPad would be thrilling, but apparently it is and is even more fun with Snapseed. According to the application’s description and reviews, you can easily edit, enhance, transform and more your pictures using the built-in features. It’s obviously very well-received by iPad owners and Apple alike.

Since we don’t really cover Music, Movies and all of that other stuff, you may be interested to see what else was featured in your favorite categories including Music, Movies, TV Shows, Books and Podcasts. If so, iTunes Rewind ’11 can be found here.