iTunes Match Welcomes Streaming to Its Listening Options

One of the features sorely-missing in iTunes Match, Apple’s $25/year service allowing users to match their own music library with each song’s equivalent in iTunes, the first time around was an ability to stream music. With the iOS 6 beta, that changes as now users have the option to stream or download songs from iCloud.

Streaming would have been quite a valuable feature to have at the launch of iTunes Match last year, one ultimately making sense for iCloud since iPhones have such limited storage space. Especially when taking about music libraries that total thousands of songs (looking at you, hipsters) into consideration.

By default, iTunes Match in the iOS 6 beta now streams songs, playing them from iTunes’ servers without taking up valuable storage space.┬áPreviously, after playing a song from the cloud, it would automatically download to the user’s iPhone or iPad as traditional streaming was not supported in iOS 5.

In our eyes, this adds a lot of value to iTunes Match’s reasonably low subscription price since it now acts as a means of true cloud music storage.

[via AppleNApps]