iTunes Code Crackers Lure Devs To Defraud Apple

A wave of gift card code crackers have begun barraging iPhone developers asking them to participate in a scam to defraud Apple of thousands of dollars. A glut of iTunes gift code counterfeiters have forced the price of an illegitimate $200 iTunes gift card down to $2. Unable to turn a profit, they have started turning to developers, offering to buy their app a potentially limitless number of times using the counterfeited codes in exchange for 50% of the sale profits.

AppleInsider intercepted one such email sent to the developer of TiltMeter Pro:

“I’ve been taking a look into your application and have an offer to you. I have many itunes gift certificates for itunes usa , canada and uk to make purchases through the itunes store. I can buy your product as many times as you want and can share earnings 50 – 50.”

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