iTunes 9 To Include iPhone App Organization, Social Networking, Blu-ray Support?

BGR has word from what they describe as a “pretty reliable source” that Apple will be adding multiple new features in iTunes 9, including support for Blu-ray media, a way to visually organize downloaded App Store applications inside iTunes, some kind of social networking integration as part of a larger social networking plan.

The source says that the social networking integration in iTunes 9 “seems to be part of a bigger social networking push by Apple” and will be in the form of a separate app from iTunes that will merge social networking services into a single interface. The app would possibly allow users to share music and update their status on multiple networks at once.

We’ve been informed that Apple has plans to tie iTunes 9 into a “Social” application that they plan to release in the future. It was said that the application (separate from iTunes) will be similar to Yahoo’s OneConnect offering and consolidate all your social networking services. (iPhone application? Desktop app? Wasn’t clarified to us).

The application will allow you to broadcast what music you’re currently listening to, allow you to share your music with people on your network, connect with your friend’s friends (no clue on that one), and update all of your statuses at the same time. ITunes 9 will let you broadcast music statuses as well.

Tobias Bischoff claims (Google translation) to have several screenshots of the upcoming iTunes 9. Their authenticity is not known and they don’t show any of the mentioned features.

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