iTunes 8 Leaked By Crazy Website Glitch? [Unconfirmed]

Some guy is saying that he was able to download a leaked release candidate for iTunes 8 due to a crazy glitch that involved a download button being rendered in an odd spot on Apple’s webpage. His story is that he clicked said crazy glitch button and it downloaded an unreleased copy of the iTunes software.

Not surprisingly, the person claiming all of this says that they can’t really tell what features are new since he had been using iTunes 6.0 before that. It’s been rumored to include a new smart playlist feature akin to Pandora Radio, HD TV downloads, a new visualizer, and possibly something else we don’t know about.

A few other visitors to the site reported a similar glitch, but the file was no longer there to be downloaded.

You can probably guess that we’re a tad skeptical of this, but it is possible.


[Apple Insider via UFailPix]

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