iStat Coming Soon To iPhone

Our friends at TUAW recently got the chance to check out the latest from Bjango, iStat for iPhone. Bjango is the iPhone venture of iSlayer, the makers of iStat, a fantastic app/widget for monitoring your Mac’s CPU, RAM, network performance, etc. The new iPhone app works on two levels. The first part of the app is a remote iStat app for tracking your Mac while away from your desk. The second part lets you check various stats of your iPhone.

The remote iStat part of the app requires that you run a small server app on every Mac you want to keep tabs on. If you’re on the same local network, everything is auto-populated thanks to Bonjour. If you’re looking for remote tracking, simply type in your IP and make sure the correct port is open at home.

Once you’re all configured, you can check out RAM and CPU usage, various machine temperatures, and even keep track of your hard drive space.

Image credit: TUAW

The coolest part about this app is the ability to check out your iPhone’s stats. From the app, you can monitor your free space, how much memory you’re using, and even figure out your iPhone’s IP address. You can also check out uptime (if you’re into that) and ping and traceroute sites to check for connectivity. My favorite feature is the ability to clear out your iPhone’s RAM if things are feeling sluggish. No more reboots!

On top of it all, the app looks fantastic. Be sure to take a look at the video on the Bjango site.

iStat for iPhone will be available soon for $2.99 with a limited time pricing of $1.99 when it launches.

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