iSamurai Lets Your Fake Sword-Duel With Friends

A new two-player game was released this week that combines the use of the iPhone’s accelerometers and WiFi capabilities to let you engage your friends in a samurai sword duel. iSamurai estimates the movements of you and a friend to let you block and strike at each other, scoring points with every move that makes “contact”.

The accelerometers can sense four different “attacks”. Each of these can be blocked by using their correct blocking move. If it is successfully blocked, the sound of steel hitting steel is heard from both devices. When it isn’t, points are scored.

It also includes a single-player mode with four levels of difficulty in the form of four opponents: peasant, apprentice, warrior and samurai. As they yell out the name attack, the player must quickly defend themselves from the attack using the corresponding move.

iSamurai is available now in the App Store for $0.99.

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