Is the White iPhone 4 Finally Launching?

Engadget has received a tip from a reader who came across something quite unexpected: an ambiguous shelf tag in a Houston Best Buy. The shelf tag in question seems to be there for the impending launch of a white 16GB AT&T iPhone 4. The no-commitment price on the tag is the same price as the black iPhone 4′s no-commitment price.

Is a SKU for a white iPhone 4 in Best Buy’s system and a tag on the shelf of at least one Best Buy not enough for you? Apparently The Source, which is Canada’s Radio Shack, has tags for a white 16GB iPhone 4 and a white 32GB iPhone 4 on Canada’s GSM network, Bell. If you are still skeptical and do not feel like waiting any longer for a white iPhone 4, then you could always buy a black iPhone 4 and get a conversion kit that includes white iPhone 4 glass.

Maybe Apple has worked out the reported production problems with the white iPhone 4 and is finally able to produce an iPhone 4 with a perfectly white, problem-free glass front and back. It seems curious that retailers are adding a SKU for a white AT&T iPhone two days before the launch of Verizon’s iPhone 4, which is available in your favorite color, as long as that color is black. There is always the possibility that AT&T customers will quietly be surprised with a new white iPhone 4 around the launch of the Verizon iPhone 4 because, hey, the phrase “better late than never” applies in both instances, so why not?

[via Engadget]