iPod Touch, Nano To Get Cameras?

TechCrunch has word from a source in Asia that Apple recently ordered up a big heaping pile of camera components like the ones they use in the iPhone. The pile is so big, the source says, that there’s no way they could just be for iPhone 3GSs. They speculate that based on the quantity, they are destined for use in the iPod and iPod touch lines.

We haven’t heard much prior to this suggesting that Apple was considering an iPod touch with a camera, but speculation has been that the reason they haven’t added one sooner is to further differentiate the iPod touch from the iPhone, adding incentive to spring for the more expensive model.

MacRumors has stumbled on pictures of two third part cases that appear to corroborate the information, showing a case for the iPod touch and iPod nano that both have holes for a camera. They were found on Uxsight (claiming to be for the “New iPod Touch 3G”) and DealExtreme.

If the iPod touch does get a camera, it could make some big waves in the pocket camcorder industry, making it the first $299 pocket camcorder to support on-device editing and uploading to YouTube, not to mention internet browsing, games and a ton of other apps.

[via TechCrunch]

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