iPhones Not Connecting To Wi-Fi, Apple Replacing Affected Units

Some users have been experiencing problems with their iPhone’s Wi-Fi connectivity. Users have reported instances with both iPhones and iPhone 3Gs where it suddenly can’t locate an existing local network. Thankfully, Apple seems to be replacing the affected units for users who bring their iPhone to the Genius Bar, noting “hardware issues”.

If you’re iPhone or iPhone 3G is suddenly having a difficult time connecting to your local Wi-Fi network, we suggest you take it to an Apple Store to have it swapped out. Otherwise, there is a possible fix:

  • Go to Settings, and go to Wi-Fi. Turn Wi-Fi off, and then turn it back on again.
  • Tell it to “Forget” the currently configured connection and let it reconfigure
  • Switch your router setting to WPA2
  • Remove all spaces from the WPA pass phrase
  • Remove all security from the router until a stable connection is attained then reconfigure the security

[via iPhone Atlas]

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