iPhoneLive Preview Webcast Scheduled For Oct. 14

O’reailly Media has announced that they will be showing a preview of their iPhoneLive web-cast conference on Tuesday, October 14 at 10:00AM PDT. Co-chairs Bill Dudney and Raven Zachary will be giving viewers a sneak peek at their presentations for the November 18th conference. Bill will be giving an intro to iPhone development, and Raven will be talking about the various App Store licensing Models, discussing different strategies for advertising and pricing.

The actual event itself in San Jose this November will include talks on business and development ideas relating to building and launching apps. Other speakers at the event will include Erica Sadun, Neil Young, Trism creator Steve Demeter, Cocoa expert Mike Lee, iFund manager Matt Murphy, and more. Pricing is set at $625 until October 14th, where it will be raised to $750, or $850 on-site.

More information about the preview is available here, and info on the November event is here.

[via MacNN]

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