iPhone Wins Stuff Magazine’s Gadget Of The Year Award

The iPhone 3G managed to beat out the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii Fit and B&W Zeppelin iPod speakers for Stuff Magazine’s annual Gadget of the Year award. Voters chose between nominees, judging them for performance, design, value, and as Stuff editor Fraser MacDonald put it, “that elusive cool factor”.

Stuff described the device as “a faster, cleverer version of an already remarkable phone.”

“Having our readers vote for a number of the awards has been fascinating,” he said. “They are the ones out there on the street buying gadgets and so they are a great barometer.” The Gadget of the Year chosen by the magazine’s staff was the Asus Eee PC.

Other winners were:

  • Nokia for best International brand
  • Sony Reader for innovation
  • the MacBook Air for best Design
  • Grand Theft Auto IV for best Game
  • Ego Electric Street Scoota for best Green Gadget
  • Firebox.com for best retailer

[via Yahoo!]

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