iPhone Users More Likely To Pay For Digital Goods

According to a survey by media firm Olswang, iPhone owners are statistically more likely than non-iPhone owners to pay for digital content like software and music downloads than non-iPhone users. Of the 1000 adults and 500 13-17 year olds surveyed, 73% of iPhone users would pay to watch a new movie online, while only 58% of the non-iPhone users surveyed would be willing to.

Similarly, 42% of iPhone users compared to 30% of non-iPhone users would be willing to pay for an online book, 43% compared to 32% would pay for a digital portion of a travel guide, and 38% compared to 29% would pay for a magazine.

John Enser, partner in its media, communications and technology team, said, “It seems to be that people get used to paying for content, such as an application on the iPhone because it is so easy and the idea of paying for something suddenly becomes much less of a barrier than it is online where people are used to getting so much for free.”

[via 9to5 Mac]

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