iPhone Tethering Is Coming… Eventually

One year and five days ago, AT&T Mobility President Ralph de la Vega told the world that the iPhone would be getting a tethering plan “soon”. Not long after, he revised his statement, noting that it would be delayed due to necessary upgrades to the network before it could happen. When asked recently when it would happen, a spokesperson gave yet another non-answer: “We plan to offer tethering on the iPhone but have not announced a date.”

Ever since the iPhone launched with it’s unlimited data plan in 2007, AT&T has struggled to keep up with network demands due to the high data usage from iPhone users, even though most users don’t come close to their supposedly “unlimited” plan’s soft cap of 5GB.

Since the announcement, users have been waiting patiently to see when AT&T would enable tethering, but they haven’t offered any other updates on the status of tethering since then other than the occasional vague glimmer of hope.

It’s not a question of if anymore, but when, and one has to wonder if it will ever be possible with only 5GB data plans.

[via Computerworld]

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