iPhone Sales Will Not Hit a Lull. Thus Sayeth Tim Cook

Let’s face it, the iPhone is everywhere.  Commercials are on television, and any retailer worth its square footage carries the pertinent models.  Sooner or later, though, the market will be saturated, right?  At some point, iPhone sales will hit a bit of a dead end, right?

Nope, at least not according to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

With almost 48 million iPhones sold last quarter, one would be hard pressed to blame Cook if he were prepared for a decrease in sales, but the direct opposite is true.

Speaking at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, Cook proclaimed that the word “limit” is not in Apple’s “vocabulary.” Cook went on to say that soon, the smartphone population will be over 1.4 billion, compared to the present 700 million.

But, he said, “there’s [sic] a lot more people in the world than 1.4 billion, and people love to upgrade their phones fairly regularly,”

What’s impressive is that Apple has sold 500 million smartphones since 2007, with around 20 million alone sold in 2012. Clearly, the Apple tree keeps growing.

Answering critics who snootily claimed that Apple doesn’t do enough to help the financially bereft, Cook said that the company has, in fact, “made moves to make things more affordable,” using the iPod as an example.

Cook did, however, admit that the demand for lower prices “surprised us as to the level of demand we had.”

Editor’s Observation: One can ill blame Cook for being surprised about the desire for lower-priced iProducts. Reasonable people know that Apple products are status symbols, and are of a very high-quality that lesser companies such as BlackBerry and inferior devices such as Android simply cannot deliver.

Quality costs.

Wouldn’t it enrage you to see a customer tap dancing out of an Apple Store with what should be called a “99-cent store iPhone” for, say, around $100 at full price?

Those of us who have earned our lot in life, and who have iPhones–like those customers who boosted sales figures to the point that this article was justified–have gladly paid hundreds of dollars for the privilege of iPhone ownership. Hopefully Apple won’t be betray us and will keep prices just as they are.

[via: PC Magazine]

Image Credit: Wikipedia/Haotian0905