iPhone Regains #1 Spot As Most Popular Cameraphone For Flickr

Despite continuing complaints on the lack of more megapixels, the iPhone and it’s perfectly fine 2 pegapixel camera has regained the #1 spot on Flickr as the top cameraphone used on the site, beating out Nokia’s 5-megapizel N95 once again. Flickr’s monthly statistics page shows that the iPhone has not only regained it’s lead, but they’re gaining ground at an increasing rate, whereas the N95 is increasing much slower and all the remaining top 3 beneath them are steadily loosing ground.

Why the increase? There could be any number of reasons, but an expanding user base with the iPhone 3G and the Flickr apps for the iPhone, as well as just the overall greater usability for the device than other cameraphones, probably play a part.

[via TUAW]

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