iPhone OS 3.2 Has Support For Video Chat, Safari Downloads, Multitasking?

Now that devs and hackers have had a chance to play with the iPad simulator, they’ve begun making some interesting discoveries. Over the weekend, Engadget heard from extremely trusted sources that iPad OS 3.2 has support for video calling which might explain why their leaked photos seemed to have a front-facing camera in them.

According to their source, 3.2 includes hooks to accept and decline a video conference as well as flip video, suggesting a front-facing camera. It also has hooks to run the video call in full screen or in a portion of the screen, suggesting that 3.2 might include some additional multitasking support. However, if the iPad does have video chat support, it would make sense to provide access to other apps during a video call just as the iPhone lets you use other apps during a phone call.

Engadget also confirms that Safari on the iPad will allow you to download files into a special downloads directory for access within other apps or on your computer.

Of course they have no way of knowing if any of this code will be implemented in the iPad or the iPhone, but we can hope!

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