iPhone nano At Macworld, Confirmed By Vaja?

We just received word from a reliable source within Apple that they are in fact working on an iPhone Nano, and that it will be announced at Macworld. The source says that the iPhone Nano will most likely be similar in form-factor to the iPod touch, and will probably not include 3G.

In the past I’ve been openly skeptical about the barrage of iPhone Nano rumors, but it’s starting to get pretty convincing.

Interestingly, Macrumors reports that iPhone and iPod Touch accessory maker Vaja (the guys behind the iVolution) joined XSKN and Inspiretech (Thanks, ltdanicecream!) and updated their site to also include with a link for the iPhone Nano that redirects users to a page where they can ask to get more information about upcoming related products. It’s starting to look like this really could come true, folks!

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