iPhone Insurance Now Available At Best Buy

After checking out the iPhone 3G display at my local Best Buy, I spoke with one of the employees in the cell phone department. At some point during our conversation, he mentioned that Best Buy also offers insurance on the iPhone 3G. According to the employee, the iPhone 3G is covered under the same product replacement plan (now called “Geek Squad Black Tie Protection”) as other phones sold at Best Buy. It’s a bit pricier than others at $15 a month, but it does cover everything including accidental damage. Theft, loss and water damage are not covered.

The only caveat is that Best Buy will only cover iPhones purchased at Best Buy.

The information I received from the Best Buy employee was verified by their PR department:

Best Buy’s Performance Service Plans recently became Geek Squad Black Tie Protection. These new plans are very similar, but there are some changes. The plan for iPhones is subscription based and costs $14.99 per month.

The following information regarding mobile phone coverage can be found on the Geek Squad site:

Additionally, the PR representative provided us with the following information which applies to iPhone coverage under the Geek Squad Black Tie Protection:


  • Parts and labor coverage for the product’s repair in the event of a defect that enables the product to work properly.

  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Dust, internal overheating, internal humidity/condensation, power surge/fluctuation.
  • No Lemon guarantee.
  • Benefits start from product purchase date or from the delivery date as indicated on the customer’s purchase receipt for the product.
  • Delivery and/or reinstallation in the event the product must be removed from the customer’s home or is replaced if the customer originally paid Best Buy for the delivery and/or installation service at the POS. This benefit does not apply to remote control reinstallation/reprogramming.
  • Limited International coverage available by contacting 1-800-GEEKSQUAD.  Premium Plan coverage will not be available internationally.
  • Reasonable attempts to restore/reinstall original software configuration and updates after repairs have been performed. Customer is responsible to provide Restore CD/DVD/Media.
  • Defective Pixel Repair: pixel based displays will be repaired/replaced  if there are three defective pixels located in an area less than ½ square inch or five defective pixels throughout the entire display.
  • Reward Zone Good Maintenance: Provides the customer with double the RZ points for the original purchase price of the GSBTP Standard plan if unused at time of expiration. Customers must request this benefit within 90 days of expiration.
  • Web Portal: Online consumer tool to keep track of Best Buy PSP and GSBTP plans.


  • Damage to the product (if not covered by ADH benefits).

  • Unauthorized modifications.
  • Viruses (except on the Premium Computing Plan)
  • Extreme environments (including extreme heat or humidity).
  • External condensation.
  • Lightning, static electricity, fire, flood, insect infestation, rodents, human/animal bodily fluids, war, terrorism, acts of God or other external causes.
  • Computer software related failures (Unless Vi-Spy related with Premium Computing Plan coverage), loss of data or software. Recovery or transfer of software or data contained on a services product.
  • Loss or theft.
  • Cosmetic damage (including scratches, dents, broken parts, etc that do not directly impact the functionality of the product for its intended use).
  • Missing, altered or defaced serial numbers
  • Problems caused by a separate product that the Standard plan does not provide coverage for.
  • Consumable parts.
  • Fees/costs related to loss of use, loss of business, loss of profit, loss of data, downtime, charges for time and effort, “no problem found (NFF)” diagnostics, failures occurring prior to purchase of the plan.
  • Parts and labor coverage as a result of manufacturer’s recall
  • Commercially used products
  • Personal items left in the product at the time of repair/replacement.


In addition to the benefits listed within the “Coverage Benefits for All Products” section, these products will include the following additional benefits via the GSBTP Standard plan:

  • One battery repair/replacement when the original battery is determined defective.

  • Repair/replacement of the charger or cradle that was originally included with the product’s purchase if determined defective
  • ADH Protection: providing parts and labor coverage in the event of accidental damage resulting in the normal usage of the product. ADH protection is fulfilled if 2 repairs with cracked screens or replacement of the product are completed.

    Considering that both AT&T and Apple offer no insurance for the iPhone, there may now be a good reason to get your iPhone at Best Buy — if you drop your iPhone and the screen breaks, you can bring it in and have it replaced for free. Fan-frickin’-tastic!

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