iPhone has SIM tray after all

Ever since the iPhone was announced at Macworld in January, there have been tons of questions about what it will and will not have or do. Things like whether it will have it’s memory upgraded, if it will have 3G, if it has a vibrate feature, and it’s battery life, to name a few. One rumor that has been going around lately is whether or not it will actually have an accessible SIM card even though Steve Jobs said it would.

If you remember, just recently the Internet was abuzz with rumors that a SIM card slot was completely missing from the iPhone. However, upon closer inspection of the photos we personally took of the iPhone in January, it seems that there is in fact a very slim SIM card “tray” at the top of the phone. From what we can tell, this would come out in the same way a battery for the Apple Remote does by pushing into a small hole and having the tray pop up holding the SIM card.

While this doesn’t mean much to people who don’t care about what carrier they use, for those that feel the need to experiment with SIM cards from other carriers (read: hack) or travel to other coutries, this is a big deal.

[Thanks to my good friendOmar Jasso for the pic]

But what do you guys think? Is it relevant that the iPhone has a SIM card tray?

Is the SIM card tray relevant?
Yes, for traveling
Yes, for hacking
Yes, for both of those things
It’s not relevant
What’s a SIM card?
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