iPhone Games Gone Free for A Limited Time

I felt that I had to post about today’s free games just because they’re so amazing. You’ve got a simulation time-management game, a game having you solve a murder case, an endless jumping game, a line-drawing racer and a whole lot more; what could possibly be better to start off the new year?

Draw Race

For today only, thanks to FAAD, you can get this line-drawing racing game with multiplayer and a whole lot of tracks to play on. Drawing is the key to winning in this game having you strategically navigating your car around tight corners and such. I owned it before and to this day still play it. Pick it up.

Diner Dash

Not only does this time-management game have you frantically taking care of customers at your restaurant, but it’s extremely engaging. This game, also free for only today, is one that you cannot pass on.

Ninjatown: Trees of Doom

Jumping games are seen in abundance on the app store an can get boring. Those of you completely bored out of your minds are in for a treat as Ninjatown features endless jumping, but in a different way. You’re not jumping from platform to platform. You’re climbing two parallel trees, in control of Chubby Ninja, jumping from trunk to trunk avoiding sludge and monsters while also picking up powerups to boost you higher. It’s not a maybe, it’s an absolute must!

Broken Sword: Director’s Cut

In this point and click adventure game, you are looking for clues to solve a murder. Though I have not played it, and it’s yet downloading on my iPod, the game has gotten amazing marks from everyone else that has played it. I’m not sure for how long it’s free, but it’s definitely worth it evident from all of the hype.


Juggle!, has you controlling a paddle at the bottom of your screen juggling voids up and down for as long as possible. As an endless game, you can go on forever. Though I felt the game struggled from lack of content, it does successfully provide a considerable amount of fun gameplay and should not be missed.


With it’s “one more try” appeal to it, Squareball has you controlling the environment around a constantly, vertically bouncing ball in order to get it to the finish. Scrolling the screen right, moves the environment right, and scrolling left moves it left. Falling out of the screen which easily occurs due to the openings in the environment’s walls takes you back to the beginning of the level. It’s certainly frustrating, but you’ll feel like a champ every time you complete a level. Don’t miss out on this great arcade game.

I Must Run!

Considering the four star overall rating the game has on iTunes, it must be a good one. The title says it all: don’t stop running. I haven’t played it yet, but will as soon as I can.