iPhone Dev Team Releases PwnageTool for OS 3.0, Ultrasn0w On The Way

The iPhone Dev Team has posted an iPhone OS 3.0-capable version of the PwnageTool for unlocking iPhone, iPhone 3G, and first-generation iPod touch running the OS 3.0 released Wednesday. It should be noted that it will not work for the iPhone 3G S posted a guide detailing how you should use their jailbreaking and unlocking tools based on your situation is.

They also warn that you SHOULD NOT use this PwnageTool release if you are using an iPhone 3G with yellowsn0w and rely on yellowsn0w to get cell service.

They also note that the current verison of yellowsn0w will NOT work with the baseband version in the OS 3.0 update. Ultrasn0w will be required to unlock iPhones and iPhone 3Gs running OS 3.0. They say it will be released in the Installer and Cydia apps “shortly”, so keep an eye out.

You can read their whole post and get the download links for the new version of PwnageTool at their blog.

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