iPhone Dev Talks About App Store Pricing, Writes Open Letter To Steve Jobs

Many of you may know and love Twitterrific. It is a Twitter client for both the Mac and the iPhone. Craig Hockenberry, the brains behind the creation of Twitterrific, has been a little unsatisfied with the way other developers are pricing their applications on the App Store. Today, he spoke out about the pricing, and wrote an open letter to Steve Jobs.

Craig wrote the following on his personal blog:

Dear Steve,

As an iPhone developer who’s been in the App Store since its launch, I’m starting to see a trend that concerns me: developers are lowering prices to the lowest possible level in order to get favorable placement in iTunes. This proliferation of 99¢ “ringtone apps” is affecting our product development.

In his long letter, Craig mentions that because of the appeal of ringtone applications, developers are having to put their more creative titles on hold so they can join the latest bandwagon. If you have a chance, Hockenberry’s letter is definitely worth a read.

[via MacRumors]

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