iPhone Dev Meet-Up Next Week On Monetizing Apps

Now that Apple has lifted the iPhone developer NDA for released applications, developers with apps already in the app store are free to share their developing secrets with the rest of the dev community. AdMob, an iPhone advertising network, is hosting a developer meet-up next week giving new developers the chance to talk with the devs of some successful apps on how to advertise and market them.

Developers of some successful apps will be there, offering to share their experience on a number of subjects. The main focus of the event is to discuss different ways developers can make money from their apps.

Currently they’re planning to have Pandora CTO Tom Conrad, Demiforce (makers of Trism) CEO Steve Demeter, VP Location of Loopt Eric Carr, and George Lee of Searchme present. The event will include an opportunity to get to know fellow developers attending, as well as an open microphone session for app demos.

The meet-up will take place on Tuesday, October 7th from 6:30-8:30pm at Astaria in San Mateo, CA. More information is available at AdMob’s Meet-Up page.

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