iPhone Dev Book Revived, PDF Available

A few days back the creators of the iPhone development handbook announced that due to restrictions with Apple’s NDA, they had no choice but to cancel the publication of their iPhone app handbook, iPhone SDK Development. However, now that Apple has lifted the NDA, they’re going ahead with the book. A PDF version of the book is available for download.

“We were surprised—as most Apple employees were—when Apple announced they would be lifting the NDA,” said founder Dave Thomas in an interview with Ars Technica. “The folks we were dealing with in Apple were suffering as much as the rest of us under the NDA. Throughout this, they’ve been really helpful given the trying circumstances,” Thomas said.

“I felt really bad for the authors that their work wasn’t seeing the light of day under the NDA,” Thomas added. “In a more abstract sense, I also felt bad that the larger community couldn’t talk with each other—not much of a community, really. Now we’re back in familiar territory.”

You can purchase a copy of the PDF for $24, which includes updates as the publishers make finishing touches. For $48.95 you can also get a dead-tree version of the book as soon as it’s finished.

You can buy either version at PragProg.com.

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